Musical Tools


Ibanez Prestige electric
Ibanez RG series electric
Godin XTSa electric
Maton EM325C electric/acoustic
Fender (1968) Stratocaster electric

Guitar processing

  • Boss GT6 guitar FX Processor;
    Boss GS-10 FX/ audio interface;
    Roland GR33 guitar synthesiser;
    Roland VG99 guitar synthesiser;
    Various Boss Pedals;
  • Tech 21 Sans Amp Classic;
  • Zen Drive Pedal;
  • Fishman Aura 16.


  • Mesa Boogie Express 5:50
  • Roland Cube Amplifiers


Apple Macintosh iMac
Apogee Ensemble Firewire audio interface
Yamaha HS50M speakers
AKG 240 headphones
Rode NT3 and NT4 microphones
Rode K2 valve microphone
Euphonix mixers and control surfaces
Mackie 16/2 Firewire mixer
Lots of electric cables to join all these up……


Logic Pro X (10.3.1)
Lots of other virtual instruments that work with Logic.