Sound Artist

Music composition, like drawing, is a natural form of expression for me.

Why sound art?

Sounds evoke moods and induce particular states of mind. Playing with this is endlessly fascinating. Of course this is all in context with references to current social ‘norms’ and fashions. Having been born in 1946 I have certain ways of thinking/hearing that my life experiences have inculcated into me. These no doubt are present in my music — but neutrality is no statement at all, right?

I sometimes like to place the human voice in my recordings/compositions — not as a narrative device but rather as another instrument. Guitar predominates – its the instrument on which my expression is most natural, intuitive. It seems that I like to construct harmonic/rhythmic environments on which I can improvise. If I have a composing method, that’s it.

Traffic noise, singing birds, the chant of a voice or the chatter of friends in conversation are all musical sounds. Dissonance is something I like to explore, yet I can also be quite romantic in my harmonic choices. It’s all one.

I’ve composed and recorded a number of albums and I suppose they are my attempt to communicate some of the sounds that come into my head to other people.

Musical Tools