Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, Fusion, Acid Jazz, Funk, Grunge, Metal, Punk, Country Rock, Nihilistic String Biting etc.


Beginners to Advanced

Weekly and casual students accepted. Reasonable Rates.

Beginners welcome — whether you’re 12, 35, or 96  — it’s not too early or late to start playing guitar.

Learn in the style that you want to play. An experienced professional teacher makes all the difference — learn to play the right way from the start.

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Or do you already play guitar but find that your stuck in a rut? — need a kick-start? — want to hear the sounds that live in your head burnin’ your fingers instead?

Try some of these:

  • Blues — Muddy Waters to Stevie Ray — slide to Chicago
  • Basic Rock — Chuck Berry to Alternative and beyond!
  • Advanced Rock — metal to mental — Hendrix to the Whatevas
  • Soloing over chord changes
  • Music theory — it all makes sense, honest!
  • Reading Music — the ‘dots’, guitar tab, chord charts
  • Rhythm guitar
  • Modes, scales, arpeggios — (so that’s how they do it!)
  • Jazz harmony and chord theory
  • Speed picking — it’s easy once you know how
  • Jazz guitar — from Django to Schofield
  • Improvisational concepts — Clapton to Coltrane