Visual Art


Visual Expression

The cosmos moves and evolves around me – I process this and am sometimes stimulated to make some comment. Words often seem trite and too ‘exact’ and often tend to evade the real essence of what I visualise. At least that’s what I tell myself.

It seems natural for me to draw etc – I started when I was about 2 or 3 and so it feels to me like an extension to the spoken word. I like using color pencils a lot, as their scratching against paper is tactilely pleasing. Prismacolour pencils have the riches hues, and Staetdler Ergosoft aren’t bad either. I some sometimes also use watercolor pencils and ink pens. I’d like to try other mediums as well, such as oils, acrylics, pastels etc and digital art programs.

I guess my zoological background and passionate love affair with spiders and dinosaurs pervades my drawings. But so do many other things. The humor to be found in what I perceive to be the absurd is all pervasive. I often draw in local cafes and find the gentle clatter/chatter to be pleasant, as well as handiness of coffee and tasty eats. And I take pleasure in imagining that I am part of a continuum of minds who for centuries have used cafes as places in which to reflect on life. Certainly the clatter of laptops and business/social morning teas and lunches around me seems to support this.

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